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TLB Motor Grader


Motor grader is one of the pieces of construction machinery that is used to create a well smooth, wide-ranging, and level surface. Most commonly motor graders are used for the maintenance of road.

It spread the soil and then flattens that soil. Before the pavement of asphalt layer motor graders are used for uniformly flat surface so that asphalt distribute uniformly throughout the surface.


Now a day’s grader is used for;

  1. Moving of earth from one location to another.
  2. Leveling of soil so that next bitumen layer spread uniformly throughout the surface.
  3. Scarifying. Scarifying is the removal of complete layer of soil and then spreading of a new layer at that particular location.
  4. Mixing of two materials.
  5. Spreading of soil, aggregates etc…
  6. Trenching
  7. Land grading. It is the process in which a certain slope is achieved with the help of motor grader.
  8. Ditching
  9. And for cutting of bank canals.
  10. Motor grader is also used as snow removing machine. Because of speed and normal wheel instead of crawler wheel. This makes motor grader as most suitable machine for this type of operations in areas where snow rate is above the normal conditions.


Grader Boom JU Type 8 mm HR Sheet Heavy Square Pool Structure.
Grader attachment arms pin center balance For JCS & Tractors.
Specially designed by MP Iron front axel with1000-20 tyres, rims & center pin by JCS.
High pressure 4200 psi pipes by Eaton brand.
Center cutting edge Branded quality ITR italy.
Hydraulic cylinder MS heavy quality with chrome polish designed By us.
Standered designed by MP Iron Holders,Pins, liners & bushes by Grader.
Hydraulic control system by walvoil distributors.
Maintenance free Grader by MP Iron.


JCS & Tractor attach overall length – 7800 mm. or 25.5 ft.
Ground clearance below front axle – 450 mm to 500 mm (Adjustable).
Ground lable to boom hight 1800 mm.(Adjustable).
Universaljoint ball assembly specially designed by MP Iron.
Grader center blade length 2448 mm or 96″ inch ( 2 extension 306 mm or 12″ inch joint in center blade).
Grader center blade width 460 mm or 18″ inch & 8 mm thickness HR sheet.
Grader front dozer length 1990 mm or 78″ inch.
Front dozer width 765 mm or 30″ inch & 6 mm thickness HR sheet specially designe By MP Iron.
Front dozer lifting by adjustable to working ground lable.
Four double acting hydraulic cylinder operated by direction controlvalve.
Hopper function by hydraulics.